Yelp Review of the Week: Nathan Wants to Help Passionate People Crush the LSAT

hammered-1241070jpgHere’s what Chase M. from Jamaica Plain, MA had to say after buying my LSAT books and listening to the Thinking LSAT podcast I have his books and I listen to his Thinking LSAT Podcast with Strategy Prep founder Ben Olson and I have drank the Kool Aid. Nathan Fox is the man in the LSAT world and I truly believe he doesn't care about anyone more than passionate people looking to crush the LSAT. He may care about us more than himself. 

I have never paid for in-person courses from Nathan. Just bought books and listen to his amazing podcast and out of the blue I email him with a question as he always tells listeners to do and within 24 hours he has responded and then responded AGAIN to a follow up email of mine. I mean I am so far down the totem pole for him and his business but I poured my thoughts into an email and he just responded like a was personal student. I can't imagine what his schedule is like but he took the time to show he wants to help anyone who asks. If I lived near San Francisco at all. I would do all I could to get face to face with him.

Do yourself and favor. Buy prep materials from Nathan or Ben Olson of Strategy Prep and listen to the Thinking LSAT podcast anytime you can't physically study and practice. It's a game changer!

Nathan Fox and Fox LSAT are the truth of LSAT prep!

Thanks for the nice words, Chase! You can read the review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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Image credit: Charlie Balch via freeimages