Yelp Review of the Week: Private LSAT Tutoring Paid Off For This Student

nathan fox tutoringHere’s what Kyle from San Anselmo, CA had to say after signing up for private LSAT tutoring with me. Nathan was my private tutor for my second and third tries at the LSAT.

A good LSAT score was very important for my applications. I had an absolutely terrible GPA from several bad years in community college, so I wasn't going to get into a good law school without a good LSAT score. In my first few months working with Nathan, I didn't do what I should have done. I took days off practicing and didn't implement what he advised for me. My score reflected that.

It was in the months leading up to my third shot that he really pushed me into success. He had previously identified my weak spots but did a fantastic job motivating me to do the work. He explained logical reasoning in a way that finally helped me understand. He taught me the diagramming skills necessary to improve my logic games immensely. And he showed me how to do reading comprehension correctly, which also saved me. I had a goal of 162 and scored a 165. With that score, I got accepted to my top choice school, all thanks to Nathan.

I strongly recommend working with Nathan if you're getting ready to take the LSAT. His materials are entertaining, his lessons are effective, and he will get you to where you want to go!

Thanks for the nice words, Kyle! You can read the review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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