Yelp Review of the Week: The Fox LSAT Prep Class Paid Returns in the Long Run

pencils-1240400Here’s what Jay from Fremont, CA had to say after taking my LSAT prep class to prepare for the LSAT.

Short and sweet: This is the best LSAT class I have taken; yes, even better than TestMasters.

Traveling from Fremont to attend every class definitely took its toll on me but it definitely paid returns in the long run. My score jumped significantly after taking this course. Nathan doesn't use any secret tricks that are better than what you would find in other courses or LSAT prep books. However, his method of instilling proper studying techniques and forcing each student to reflect on his/her own mistakes truly made my score jump. Sitting quietly for four hours in each TestMasters class made me dread the LSAT more and more. Fox LSAT really didn't feel that long. Not only did Nathan help me understand the test better but I learned a lot more about law school itself.

After completing my personal statement I sent it to Nathan to proofread. After getting into law school but deciding to reapply the next year, I once again sent my new personal statement to Nathan. Both times Nathan gave me useful tips and criticism while not charging me a cent.

Trust me, this is worth every penny: both in the short and long run.

Also, Nathan doesn't overcharge for his services (imo). He even took everyone for a round of drinks one class. If you're looking for a LSAT prep course just save yourself the time and take this course. I don't know of one person who regretted it.

Thanks for the nice words, Jay! You can read the review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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