Yelp Review of the Week: The Fox Test Prep Quick and Dirty LSAT Primer

stack-of-books-1335451-mHere’s what Kate M. from San Diego, CA had to say after using my Introducing the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep Quick & Dirty LSAT Primer book.  So I purchased Nathan's Quick & Dirty LSAT Primer and found it so incredibly helpful and believe it or not, enjoyable. It's only just over 100 pages and LITERALLY gives you a sound idea of how to approach the LSAT, approach each question within a section, etc. I left myself no time to properly prepare for the LSAT (taking it on September 27, 2014) but I got his book from Amazon, read it, and e-mailed him.

I do wish I lived in San Francisco so I could take his course, but his availability via e-mail and his willingness to provide constructive feedback and sound advice has already sold me on his approach.

Today, per his advice, I purchased his Cheating the LSAT and Breaking the LSAT Volume II and will have them by tomorrow so I can get on my way. I (against my better judgment) have a 16 hour weekend LSAT prep seminar/course this weekend so hopefully it will suffice in conjunction with his materials in helping me get a decent score on the 27th. I told him that I'll most likely cancel my September score and shoot again for December, so we shall see!

Either way the wind blows, I definitely recommend Nathan's materials and would definitely recommend his course(s) (especially for myself, if I could make it to San Francisco for long enough).

Thanks, Kate, for your nice words! You can read her review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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