Yelp Review of the Week: This Student Went from the Low 160s to 172 on the LSAT

balance-875413-mHere’s what Jae from Millbrae, CA had to say after taking my LSAT prep class to prepare for the LSAT. I took the Fox LSAT class for a month and improved my score dramatically from the low 160's to 167-172 range. Nathan does an excellent job at teaching you the shortcuts that you need to know to be successful at the test, especially with the logic games section. His go-to strategy with the grouping games is especially good and makes those games a cake-walk. He also goes through tough Logical reasoning questions, showing you which operative words to look out for and why one answer choice is better than the other. If you find yourself getting questions wrong on practice tests and you have no idea why, this class will help you.  

Another huge benefit for joining class is that you get his Fox LSAT Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia for free. It is a behemoth of a book with hundreds of logical reasoning questions with an entertaining and thorough explanation provided for every question and their answer choices. This helped me a lot, as I often found myself asking why a certain choice was incorrect when I was self-studying for the test. It will definitely help you sharpen your critical eye, so that you can find the correct answer choices faster and easier. 

Finally, Nathan is a pretty awesome dude who is always willing to help outside of class time in case you have questions about the LSATs, law school, or careers in law. He is brutally honest however, and will not shy away from disillusioning you on the merits of going to law school. He keeps it real, and you should really listen to all that he has to say before fully committing. Law school debt is no joke and there may be no going back once you're in. Still, whether you are undecided or all-in on this law school thing like me, then you should definitely give this class a shot. You won't regret it.

Thanks for the nice words, Jae! You can read the review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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