Yelp Review of the Week: This Student's LSAT Score Jumped 6 Points in 4 Weeks

target-1164775-mHere’s what Jess S. from Soquel, CA had to say after working with me to prepare for the LSAT. I decided to take Nathan's class after sitting in on a free seminar he provided at my school earlier in the year. His no BS attitude and straightforward advice caught my attention and I knew that he would honestly tell me what I needed to work on and how to do so.

So far, I have taken one class with Nathan and my score jumped 6 points in only 4 weeks. He is so knowledgeable about the LSAT and law school in general and never shies away from giving his real opinion on a topic. Nathan is extremely funny, casual, and really makes the LSAT seem surmountable. The biggest thing I have gained from him so far (other than an extra 6 points!) is confidence that I can do this and that the LSAT will not over power me, rather I will be able to attack it and beat it once and for all.

I am very happy with Nathan so far and have already signed up for another class with him. Everyone who I have spoken to who have taken a class with him have loved him as much as I do and had only good things to say about him, his class, and his teaching methods. Yes, he swears quite a bit, but that's just part of his no-nonsense approach that really, truly works.

I highly recommend Nathan and his class, you will not regret sitting in on this class!!!

Thanks for the nice words, Jess! You can read her review and other recommendations on Yelp.

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