LSAT Prep Courses

Expert Instructor. Modular Format. No Bullshit.

I offer full-length LSAT classroom prep courses, weekend Boot nathan in classCamps and in-person tutoring in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I also offer private tutoring worldwide via Skype.

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San Francisco
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“Nathan’s class was absolutely fantastic. Nathan ensured that every moment was engaging, challenging, and most importantly, fun. Diving head first into LSAT preparation can be a tedious experience, but Nathan was able to keep it
lighthearted, which definitely helped me to focus and actually enjoy the material.” —Hunter

Why you should take my courses

Save Money

I don’t advertise, which allows me to price my courses at least 10% lower than a comparable course from a big name company.

Save Time

I’ve been doing this since 2006, and in that time I have learned to focus on the practical areas that are going to result in immediate improvement in your scores. My lessons are concise and to the point, with no fluff.


When you learn to take charge, the test becomes fun — and a lot easier than you might think. I will never confuse you with hyped up buzzwords and unnecessary diagramming techniques.


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