Free and Cheap LSAT Resources

Here are a bunch of resources you can use as you study for the LSAT.

Free LSAT Test

June 2007 LSAT — The only full-length LSAT that’s online and free. You should do this before you do anything else.

Free LSAT Class

My free online LSAT class covers all aspects of the test, with videos on Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and more. I hope you love it! Drop me a question or comment in the boxes that accompany each video and I’ll respond right away.

Free Thinking LSAT Podcast

Listen to me and Ben Olson talk about the LSAT, law school and other fun stuff on the Thinking LSAT podcast. There are more than 50 episodes. It’s entertaining; I promise! (Oh, and my co-host Ben Olson also has a bunch of free resources here.)

Free Fox LSAT Blog Posts

I’ve been writing about the LSAT for years on the Fox LSAT blog. I’ve done several posts about LSAT fundamentals, answered common questions, and written quite a few free Logical Reasoning and Logic Game explanations from real LSAT tests. Here are a few notable posts to get you started:

The LSAT 10 Commandments

Free For Reading Comprehension

Read this: Reading Comprehension Strategy

And listen to this: Thinking LSAT Podcast, Episode 8

Free LSAT and Law School Videos


FreeBasic Concepts Quiz

Take a Basic Concepts Quiz and Watch Me Explain How You Did

Cheap LSAT PrepTest Books

Proper preparation for the LSAT necessarily includes lots and lots of real, timed LSAT tests. The Law School Admissions Council, makers of the LSAT, offer real LSAT tests in books of ten. Here are the two most recent volumes:

Cheap (relatively) Fox LSAT Books

Studying high quality LSAT books is a lot cheaper than a class or private tutoring. I think my books are the best. If you don’t think they’re worth the investment, I’ll happily buy them back from you. Check out my books on Amazon (available in print and on Kindle).

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