Private LSAT Tutoring

Private lessons provide in-depth attention tailored to your needs and your schedule. Available via Skype, or in person in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

nathan fox tutoring

One-on-one LSAT tutoring lessons are the fastest, most convenient route to a killer score. We’ll work on your schedule and turn your LSAT weaknesses into strengths. Private tutoring consists of intensive, one-on-one instruction designed to maximize your improvement in the most efficient way possible.

I do 99% of my tutoring via Skype, since it makes scheduling so easy and erases travel time. But I also tutor in person in Los Angeles and San Francisco, if you catch me when I’m in your town.

Click here to schedule your tutoring session

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“I don’t live in California but the individual Skype sessions with Nathan Fox were better than I could have hoped for. He gives individualized attention and is easy to work with. He really cares. He helped me increase my scores tremendously. Trust me, you won’t regret Fox LSAT!” — Karli, Boise, ID

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