Get On-Demand Virtual LSAT Support

Without sacrificing quality

Can’t make it to L.A. or San Francisco?

Have a work schedule that makes in-person meetings tough?

No worries.

I’ve taken the best parts of my live classes and created an online LSAT prep course that you can stream anytime, anywhere. 

After almost a decade of helping hundreds of students increase their LSAT scores, get admitted to law school, and attract millions of dollars in scholarships, I decided everyone heading into the LSAT deserved this kind of support.

So I set up camera and started recording my top-rated classes. 

Something you should know about my teaching style is that I believe students learn most from observing my actual thought process as I attempt each LSAT question. That’s what’s missing from most online LSAT prep courses. It’s also why I don’t do canned lectures, and why I always teach without the answers in front of me. 

My online course captures that rawness and offers the same experience virtually. The videos are unscripted and shot in a real classroom with actual students. Your homework will be the same tests and quizzes that the live students had. And you’ll have the same support that the students had… which means direct access to me.

What’s Included:

  • 80+ Hours of Explanations     
  • New Explanations Added Weekly
  • Quizzes
  • Weekly 2 hr Extra Help Session
  • Copies of three of Nathan's top-rated LSAT books:
    Introducing the LSAT, Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia, & Logic Games Playbook 
  • Ability to ask Nathan questions
  • Law School Admissions Q&A
  • Feedback from Nathan on a Personal Statement Draft
  • Private Community

What Students Said...

The videos for the online courses are past LSAT test prep classes Nathan taught. You get the feeling of being in a classroom in the comforts of your own home. Being able to pause the class and rewind over parts was incredibly helpful — something that can’t be done in an actual class.
— Online LSAT Student

Price: $995. Pay all at once or in three instalLments.

Or... try it for free

You’ll either love me or hate me after this one lesson.

books included when you enroll

Over $140 value.

What Students Said...

I loved his online classes! I could rewind when I didn’t understand something, or watch it over and over. It also helps that he is super funny! My weakness was logic games, and he was able to simplify them for me. I started off with 10 points, and by the end I was only missing about 3 questions!
— Online LSAT Student
I particularly like being able to watch the logic game explanations with the ability to pause and make sure I understand each step before moving forward. It’s also great to be able to go through explanations earlier in the day, when I’m feeling more focused.
— Online LSAT Student

Price: $995. Pay all at once or in three instAlLments.

Or... try it for free



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