Frequently Asked Questions


For live classes, pay a 50% nonrefundable deposit to reserve your seat. I'll send an invoice for the balance, which is due on or before the first lesson. For the online class, you'll make three monthly payments.

Missing a class? Don't worry!

Most of my students work full time, go to school full time, or both. Everyone has friends and family and some semblance of a life outside the LSAT. Everyone misses a class here and there. We've got you covered.

The class syllabus will tell you what we'll be covering each day. You'll do this work from home. Your T.A. will keep you on track with daily reminder and recap emails. We record video in every class and upload within a few days—frequently the same day—so you can review at your convenience. Hit the "Ask" button in the LSAT Demon and you'll get a prompt response. And when you return to class, you can ask any lingering questions in person.

should i do A course or private tutoring?

It depends. My live classes in Los Angeles and San Francisco are lively! We have fun. You’ll benefit from the camaraderie of other students, and the motivation that comes from knowing they'll be there, ready to work. If the schedule fits, do it! My live classes fill up as much as a month in advance, so please register as soon as you're sure you want a seat.

My online class is great for students far from Los Angeles and San Francisco, or who can’t make it to the weekend classes. It’s also perfect for students who would like to go at their own pace; with the online class, you can go as fast or as slow as you’d like. Want to do a super-intense six tests per week? That's not recommended, but knock yourself out. Want to do just one test per week, then re-watch each explanation over and over to be sure you’ve mastered each question? You can do that too. The online class covers the same concepts as my full-length live class, but it covers four times as many LSAT tests. (It also covers different tests from those covered in the live class, so many students do both.)

My private tutoring is the best LSAT prep money can buy. We’ll spend 100% of our time working on questions that YOU are struggling with, on YOUR schedule. I hope you’ll leave each session with at least one epiphany; one roadblock removed. It's ideal for those with particularly hectic school/work schedules and very high scorers. There’s nothing I love more than helping a private tutoring student break into the 99th percentile.

Students frequently do a combination of live, online, and private tutoring.

when should i sign up for the lsat?

It depends. Ideally, you won’t sign up for the official test until you’ve done several official practice tests and are happy with your scores. (My classes and tutoring are built around official practice tests, so if you study with me you’ll always know exactly where you stand.) But some students won’t get fully motivated to put in the necessary hours of study until they’ve actually registered for an official test date. Human nature, I guess. If this is you, then you should probably sign up for a test that’s 3-6 months out, and start studying right away.

How is your tutoring structured?

My tutoring, like my classes, are built around actual practice LSATs. Students do tests on their own, keeping track of trouble spots. We meet to review their mistakes. 100% of our tutoring time is spent discussing questions that YOU need help with, so it’s the most efficient way to prepare for the test. The LSAT tends to repeat itself, so each question we solve has a good chance of removing a major stumbling block.

Check my tutoring availability.

What's the difference between your course and other LSAT courses?

It's indelicate to say this: me. When you go with one of the corporations, you roll the dice on what kind of teacher you're going to get. I worked for one of the big companies in 2007-2008, and I think I was pretty good--for a novice teacher who had been hired (and sort-of trained) over the telephone. I fell in love with teaching right away, but other folks are just picking up some cash on their way to law school, or alongside other professional pursuits. Ten years later, I'm still learning new things about the test. (I scored 179, but I shudder to think of all the inefficient ways I explained things when I first started.)

Another big difference is the curriculum. My classes follow a loose substantive outline, but I never drag my classes through musty, scripted lessons. Instead, I improvise explanations based on questions we have encountered in real, recent PrepTests. I constantly update my courses to include the most recent tests. My teaching evolves in response to the test's iterations. 

what materials are included in the live class?

Students receive all the tests we cover in class, plus copies of my books Introducing the LSAT and the Logic Games Playbook. As soon as you register I'll send you the books, and you're encouraged to get a headstart on the class. (Not necessary, but an excellent idea.)

what materials are included in private tutoring?

Private tutoring students receive homework and materials depending on their specific needs, to be assessed at each meeting.

Is there a discount for REPEAT CUSTOMERS?

Yes! After your first live or online course, you'll get $200 on any subsequent course. Start live, or start online—the discount applies both ways. The discount also applies if you take the live class twice.

Does Fox LSAT sign me up for the LSAT?

No. Separate registration for the LSAT is available through

how much does the online course cost?

The online course is only $995, which includes all materials, shipping, and one-year access.

Is there a way to preview the online course?

Yes! Just register for a free account and you'll get access to my preview course, which is very useful in its own right. Do it!

How long will I have access to the online course once I buy it?

All new students will have access to the online course for one year, which is longer than most people need. Start as soon as you can, and give yourself plenty of time! It's more civilized that way.


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