Terms and Conditions

Fox LSAT classroom classes are $995 for the eight-week class and $1495 for the sixteen-week class.

Classroom class fees are payable beforehand through the Fox LSAT website.

The Fox LSAT online class is $995 for one year access. The online class fee is payable through the Fox LSAT website in either one or three payments. Fox LSAT tutoring with Nathan Fox is $400 per hour with a two-hour minimum booking. Tutoring fees are payable via electronic invoice.

Scheduled classes and tutoring sessions will always take place on the day and time at the venue planned, unless rearranged for a mutually convenient time for student(s) and Nathan Fox. Classes will continue for time outlined at time of booking. Tutoring sessions are scheduled in advance by student as desired. Online classes are completed online at the student’s convenience.

Refund Policy

Tutoring sessions require a 24-hour notice for refund. If canceled 24 hours or more prior to scheduled session, there will be a full refund. Contact Nathan Fox if emergency or illness occurs within the 24 hours prior to a tutoring session. At Nathan Fox’s discretion, a rescheduled tutoring session may be allowed, but there will be no refunds after 24 hours prior. Classroom class cancellations a week or more prior to the start of class will receive full refund less $100 for materials already distributed to the student. Cancellations between a week prior and the first lesson of classroom classes will receive a 66% refund. Cancellations between the first and second lessons of classroom classes will receive a 33% refund. Cancellations of a classroom class after the second lesson are not eligible for refund. Online class cancellations are not eligible for refunds.


Fox LSAT aims to help each student achieve their highest potential LSAT score. However, Fox LSAT will not be held liable for the student’s achieved score on test day. While there is no guarantee to reach a certain score, Fox LSAT will do everything possible during class and tutoring to help students improve their score.

Limitation of Liability

Fox LSAT is not liable for any direct or indirect damages that occur while attending classes or tutoring sessions. Fox LSAT is also not liable for errors made within material or during classroom and tutoring discussion.


Materials used in class and for tutoring sessions are copyrighted by either Nathan Fox or Law School Admission Council. The student agrees not to publish or distribute any of these materials or portions of any of these materials.